CS:GO - Season 1 - South America
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CS:GO Premiação

Prêmio para America do Sul CS:GO, o primeiro colocado irá para a China
First Place Prize (US$)
Second Place Prize (US$)
Third Place Prize (US$)

LNEe-WCA America 2017 Tournament CS:GO Season 1 - South America

LNEe-WCA America 2017 is back to it's second year with the presidency of Mr. Daniel Cossi, and the operation, merchandising and licensing management of LNEe as the leading esports events organization and esports team and athletes former entity in the American Continent.
Total Prize for WCA LNEe America will be divided in two equal parts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, from North (Central) & South America. The matchs will take place in North and South American Servers.The teams will be divided in two regions and compete in their original region. The 1st places of CS:GO and Dota 2 from North and South Regions will go to China compete in the WCA 2017 International Finals for the international prize. All expenses such as air ticket, accommodation and meals will be payed by WCA Group. To be eligible to get the Prize for the first place of WCA America, the teams have to participate of the WCA 2017 International Finals in China.
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